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Bettina Applewhite, Area Supervisor

Anglecia Brewton, Field Representative

Jerrisa Carter, Area Supervisor

Whitney Conneally, Field Representative

Doreen Coyne, Administrative Secretary III

Sharon DeLauder, Fiscal Assistant

Charlene Ellestad, Food Service Dietitian

JoAnn English-Calvert, Procurement and Supply Supervisor

Debra Fowler, Clerk, Accounts Payable

Jessica Harman, Clerk, Free and Reduced

Evelyn Irwin, Field Representative

Gretchen Klein, Area Supervisor

Karen Levenstein, Director

Jody Lydic, Area Supervisor

Samuel Mason, Field Representative

Donald Morris, Jr., Equipment Technician

Cathy Presley, Administrative Secretary

Debbie Rodabaugh, Clerk, Accounts Receivable

John Salerno, Supervisor, Food Service Facilities and Equipment

Mona Sibley, Clerk, Fiscal

Terri Smith, Manager, Food Service Operations

Karyn Stockslager, Systems Analyst

Phyllis Thatcher, Specialized Clerk

Suzanne Topper, Fiscal Supervisor

Debbie Wagner, Clerk, Revenue

Mike Wortman, Computer Support Technician

Monique Wright, Administrative Secretary

Terry Zoller, Supervisor, Food Service Business Systems