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Staff Directory:

Debra Addicks, Business Systems Supervisor, 443-809-9142

Bettina Applewhite, Area Supervisor, 443-809-9176

Anglecia Brewton, Field Representative, 443-809-9180

Jerrisa Carter, Area Supervisor, 443-809-9177

Whitney Conneally, Field Representative, 443-809-9182

Charlene Ellestad, Food Service Dietitian, 443-809-9179

JoAnn English-Calvert, Procurement and Supply Supervisor, 410-887-1857

Debra Fowler, Clerk, Accounts Payable, 443-809-9181

Mona Harrison, Clerk, Accounts Receivable, 443-809-7859

Brent Harry, Accountant II, 443-809-9185

Jaime Hetzler, Director, 443-809-7816

Evelyn Irwin, Field Representative, 443-809-9192

Gretchen Klein, Area Supervisor, 443-809-7886

Jody Lydic, Area Supervisor, 443-809-7862

Samuel Mason, Field Representative, 443-809-9183

Donald Morris, Jr., Equipment Technician, 443-809-9184

Cathy Presley, Administrative Secretary, 443-809-7857

John Salerno, Supervisor, Food Service Facilities and Equipment, 443-809-9186

Terri Smith, Manager, Food Service Operations, 443-809-9187

Karyn Stockslager, Systems Analyst, 443-809-9188

Phyllis Thatcher, Specialized Clerk, Free/Reduced, 443-809-7860

Suzanne Topper, Fiscal Supervisor, 443-809-9189

Kathleen Vicarini, Fiscal Assistant, 443-809-9178

Debbie Wagner, Clerk, Revenue, 443-809-9190

Donna Wingerd, Administrative Secretary III, 443-809-7856

Mike Wortman, Computer Support Technician, 443-809-9191

Monique Wright, Administrative Secretary, 443-809-7858