Indoor Environmental Quality

In addition to responding to concerns reported by students, staff, and other stakeholders, the IEQ program includes system-wide scheduled and standardized walkthrough inspections of each BCPS school, conducted twice per year. The process is based on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) IAQ-Tools for Schools program. The walkthroughs are conducted by school based IEQ teams, advised by BCPS Environmental Services, to identify and report potential indoor environmental issues. Reports are reviewed by BCPS industrial hygienists who assess potential concerns and coordinate response actions.  

BCPS offers the community an easily accessible online form to report IEQ related concerns and questions regarding all building facilities. Environmental Services addresses each concern by contacting the individual and performing an environmental assessment of the reported area.  

Communication protocols are in place to inform the Baltimore County community on environmental quality concerns, updates, and resolutions. All documented concerns will be resolved within a specified time, and documentation about all concerns, investigations, and resolutions will be accessible below. 

The goal of these efforts is to provide the best possible environments within all BCPS facilities. It is also recognized that procedures can always be improved; therefore, BCPS Environmental Services of the Department of Facilities Management and Strategic Planning will continue to evaluate and further develop this program as the needs of our system evolve.