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Dr. Jess T. Grim Lisa Ciekot
Director Administrative Assistant
9610 Pulaski Park Drive
Suite 219
Baltimore, MD 21220  
Phone: 443-809-4321
Fax: 410-887-7830


The mission of the Baltimore County Public Schools Office of Transportation is to provide safe and efficient school transportation services in an environment that fosters positive social interaction and allows students to be successful learners.

The Office of Transportation is responsible for transporting over 84,000 students to school each day, safely and on time.

We operate 856 buses that travel over 73,525 miles each day and originate from 11 bus facilities around the county. 

The Office of Transportation:

  • Provides on-time transportation service to schools and school-related activities
  • Determines student transportation eligibility
  • Establishes school bus stops for each school
  • Establishes the opening and closing times for all students