Frequently Asked Questions by Bidders:

My company does business with the county government. Does this mean that I'm approved as a vendor for the school system too?
No. The county government, the county libraries, and the school system each have separate purchasing offices and approved bidders. We encourage you to call: ◦County Government - Purchasing Bureau
◦County Libraries - Purchasing

•I want to do business with the schools. Should I visit each school? New vendors to the school system should begin with the Office of Purchasing. We will assist you in reaching the proper party to discuss the product/service you wish to offer to BCPS. The regulations of the Board of Education of Baltimore County require that purchases be made through established contracts which are coordinated by the Office of Purchasing.

I have new information about a product. How can I obtain the mailing addresses of the schools? Mailing to the schools may not reach the decision maker. Purchasing receives product recommendations from various sources, i.e., curriculum staff, school administrators, and department heads. To ensure the proper attention is given to your product, begin your efforts with the Office of Purchasing for assistance in speaking or meeting with the proper party.

Do you have contracts for my service/product? The Office of Purchasing issues over three hundred bids a year for the most commonly used products and services. Contact Purchasing for information on existing contracts or to receive a copy of the previous bid.

Does the school system use other agencies' contracts?
Yes. The school system often uses state, county government, or other contract sources (e.g., Baltimore Metropolitan Council, other school districts, etc.) as a source for products and services.

How can I determine if my prices are competitive? The Purchasing staff invites you to schedule an appointment to examine the actual proposals submitted from a previous bid cycle for the products or services you wish to offer to the school system.

For additional questions e-mail Purchasing