Business Services Operations

 Charles L. Patillo Ashley Myers-Pitts
 Executive Director  Administrative Assistant
  9610 Pulaski Park Drive, Suite #219
Baltimore, MD  21220
Phone: 443-809-4028
Fax:       410-887-7830

Mission Statement

The executive director of business services operations provides additional high level support for schools in all aspects of delivery of instruction and resolves issues which affect any of the Business Services Operations. The executive director supports the chief administrative and operations officer in long range planning and professional development activities for the Office of Transportation and the Office of Food and Nutrition Services.

Department Objectives

1. Oversee the efficient delivery of nutritious and appealing food services in coordination with federal and state programs and standards.
2. Expand technology applications to provide logistical support for instructional programs.
3. Optimize organizational effectiveness through improved staffing and new technology solutions.