Nutrition Express Account


The school cafeterias use a computerized point-of-sale system.  It all starts with the Nutrition Express Account that every Baltimore County Public School student is assigned.

The system is programmed to know which students are eligible for free and reduced-price meals.  A student's eligibility status is always confidential.  The Nutrition Express Account is used by all students regardless of their eligibility status.

Enjoy the Benefits of Our Computerized Cafeteria:

  • Put money into your child's personal account.  No more lost lunch money.
  • Supervise your child’s purchases.  The system tracks each purchase on each account.
  • Emergency money can be placed into the account to cover those days when money or a bag lunch is forgotten.
  • Allows for financial planning for lunch expenses.
  • You can also make prepayments to your child’s account online using a credit/debit card at MySchoolBucks.

How does the Nutrition Express Account work?

  • Each account has a unique account number that identifies your child.  Your child either enters his or her account number with the pinpad or in some cases swipes his or her card through the card reader.
  • The pinpad and card reader are connected to an electronic point-of-sale terminal that is connected to a computer in the cafeteria manager's office.  When the purchase is entered, the system deducts the total from your child's account or alerts the cashier that your child does not have enough money in the account.
  • The Nutrition Express Account is not a credit system.  Money needs to be deposited into your child's account prior to using the account.  This money can be used for meals and á la carte food items.
  • All students may have money on account.  If your child is eligible for free meals, you may prepay for á la carte food items.  If your child is eligible for reduced-price meals, you may prepay for both meals and á la carte food items.

Prepayment Instructions for the Nutrition Express Account

  • A "School Breakfast/Lunch Prepayment Form" may be obtained from the school cafeteria.  To download a printable Prepayment Form (PDF format), click on the link above.
  • Send the prepayment form along with cash or check (made payable to the school cafeteria) to the cafeteria manager or person-in-charge at the time and location established in your child's school.  Money will be placed in your child's account on the day of deposit.
  • Once your child starts using the account, low balance letters will be sent home routinely when the account is getting low.  Use the prepayment form at the bottom of the low balance letter to deposit additional funds into the account.
  • You can make prepayments to your child’s account online using a credit/debit card. You can enroll in this service by going to MySchoolBucks. To create a MySchoolBucks account, you will need your child’s student identification number.  If you don’t know the student identification number, call the Office of Food and Nutrition Services at 443-809-7855.