Key Reports

The Office of Strategic Planning takes great pride in our data. We are pleased to share some of our most important reports with you here.

Students Count 2019: The Annual Report of Student Enrollments, School Utilization, and Enrollment Projections, Updated June 2020

    Education Facilities Master Plan

    The Office of Strategic Planning is responsible for producing the required annual Education Facilities Master Plan. This document is required by the Maryland Department of Planning, and contains facilities information on existing schools and future needs.

    2020 Educational Facilities Master Plan

    Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) Organizational Structures (Definitions of Schools, Centers and Programs, 2017-2018 School Year) 

    This report identifies the organizational structures (schools, centers, and programs) for BCPS for the current school year. BCPS defines three organizational structures that are used to deliver instructional programs to students.

    Student Yield Factors

    In accordance with the Baltimore County Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance, the Office of Strategic Planning provides pupil yield factors to the Baltimore County Office of Planning. Yield factors are ratios that indicate the expected number of students a residential development will likely generate over time. Planners and developers use our yield factors when filing plans with the Baltimore County Office of Planning. Yield factors are specific to elementary, middle, and high school students, as well as to housing type, tenure (rent vs. own) and Baltimore County election district. Yield factors are not time-dependent. There are a number of factors ranging from market value to construction delays that can influence how slowly or quickly a development will be constructed, and the rate it will produce school-aged children.

    Student Yield Factors Summary Table, Updated October 2017