Operating Budget

BCPS FY2023 Adopted Budget

(Budget Documents Linked Below) The Baltimore County Public Schools total adopted budget for fiscal year 2023 is $2.33 billion; of that, $1.77 billion is the FY2023 adopted general fund budget.

About the budget development process

BCPS, like all school systems across the nation, continues to feel the significant impacts of the global pandemic. The complete reimagining of teaching and learning and school system operations stretched our staff, students, and families in unimaginable ways. It was the resiliency and creativity of Team BCPS that helped ensure the continuation of operations in and out of the classroom. The adopted FY2023 BCPS budget totals $2.33 billion. This proposed budget is an increase of $19.8 million (0.9 percent increase) compared to the FY2022 adjusted budget. The proposed budget targets resources in two key areas for our school system—people and progress, by providing classroom and emotional supports for our students and improving compensation for our employees. Included in the budget are new initiatives supporting 133.8 positions and costing $91.5 million.

All system initiatives will continue to support The Compass: Our Pathway to Excellence, 2020-2021 through 2027-2028, which was adopted by the board in July 2020. The five focus areas are:

  • Learning, Accountability, and Results Increase achievement for all students while preparing a variety of pathways to prepare students for career and college.

  • Safe and Supportive Environment Provide a safe, orderly, and caring environment for students and staff.

  • High-Performing Workforce and Alignment of Human Capital Recruit and retain a qualified, highly effective and diverse workforce, and create a systemic professional development plan to improve work performance and readiness.

  • Community Engagement and Partnerships Communicate, engage, and partner with our parents and communities.

  • Operational Excellence Ensure resources are aligned to our system priorities and are distributed efficiently and effectively.

The budget process includes public input, a proposed budget by the Board of Education, and a budget proposal from County Executive John Olszewski to the County Council, before the final budget is approved by the County Council.

Budget Documents:
FY2023 Adopted Operating Budget
FY2023 Board Proposed Operating Budget
FY2023 Proposed Operating Budget
FY2023 Superintendent's Budget Presentation
FY2023 Board Work Session Document

Board Questions:

FY2023 Operating Budget Responses Set 1
FY2023 Operating Budget Responses Set 2
FY2023 Operating Budget Responses Set 3

FY2023 Operating Budget Schedule
FY2023 Capital Budget Schedule