Operating Budget

BCPS FY2024 Adopted Budget

The Baltimore County Public Schools total adopted budget for fiscal year 2024 is $2.58 billion; of that, $1.91 billion is the FY2024 general fund budget.

About the budget development process

The adopted FY2024 BCPS budget totals $2.58 billion. The adopted budget is an increase of $214.1 million (9.0 percent increase) compared to the FY2023 adjusted budget.

We are working together to make BCPS an even better community in which to teach, learn and work. The investments outlined in this proposed operating budget reflect the ongoing work of the school system to ensure students are learning at high levels, have access to innovative programs, and are receiving critical wraparound support and services. The recommended operating budget also underscores our commitment to investing in our staff who make this work of raising the bar, closing gaps and preparing all students for the future possible.  The budget includes investments in—

  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) programs
  • Full day Prekindergarten programs
  • Compensation enhancements for all staff
  • Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs
  • Advanced Placement exam cost waivers
  • Technology and infrastructure

Additionally, the adopted budget includes funding to help the system manage increasing operational costs. Local school systems are receiving funding from the state to support the implementation of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future. Our investments are aligned with the requirements outlined in the Blueprint and are focused on improving educational outcomes for all BCPS students and providing them with the opportunities and resources needed to meet their full potential.

The budget process includes public input, a proposed budget by the Board of Education, and a budget proposal from County Executive John Olszewski to the County Council, before the final budget is approved by the County Council.


Budget Documents:
FY2024 Adopted Operating Budget.pdf
FY2024 Board Proposed Operating Budget
FY2024 Proposed Operating Budget
FY2024 Superintendent's Budget Presentation
FY2024 Response to Board Members' Questions 012423 Set #1
FY2024 Response to Board Members' Questions 020323 Set #2
FY2024 Response to Board Members' Questions 021023 Set #3
FY2024 Response to Board Members' Questions 022323 Set #4

FY2023 Adopted Operating Budget