Budget Calendars



Meeting or Action Item

July 2023

Present proposed operating budget schedule to the Board

August–September 2023

  • Pre-budget meeting with the superintendent
  • Pre-budget meetings with staff
  • Grants and general fund instructions to central office staff

September 2023

  • Performance Budget training and FY2025 budget planning sessions for office budgets

September –December 2023

  • Office budget requests are due to the Office of Budget and Reporting (OBR)
  • Budget review by the superintendent

January 9, 2024

Superintendent presents proposed FY2025 budget to the Boarddistribution of the proposed budget book

January 16, 2024

Board public hearing on FY2025 budget


January 23, 2024


Board work session on FY2025 operating budget

February 27, 2024

Board votes on the FY2025 budget

March 5, 2024

Distribution of Board proposed budget document

March 2024

  • General fund budget instructions to schools
  • County executive staff reviews BCPS budget proposal

March–April 2024

  • Schools develop FY2025 budgets
  • Performance Budget training and assistance for schools
  • School budgets are due to OBR

April 2024

  • County executive presents FY2025 budget recommendations to the county council
  • County council holds a public hearing on all county budgets

April–May 2024

  • County council reviews budget request for all county operating and capital budgets

May 2024

  • County council work session on BCPS budget
  • County council votes to adopt FY2025 budget

July 1, 2024

  • FY2025 funds available

July 9, 2024

Distribution of the FY2025 adopted budget document