Frequently Asked Questions About The Maryland Autism Waiver

  • Who can apply for Autism Waiver services?

    Parents or legal guardians of children with an autism spectrum diagnosis. The waiver only applies to families residing in Maryland.

  • What needs to be done while my child is on the wait list?

    Maintain no more than $2,000.00 in your child’s name, plan to submit an updated evaluation with Autism Spectrum Disorder as a diagnosis, and update the registry with any address or phone number changes.

  • Are there services available while my child is on the wait list?

    Community First Choice and Low Intensity Support Services are two programs that can offer assistance. There are additional waivers in Maryland that may also meet your child’s needs.

  • How can the Autism Waiver be full?

    Since this is a Medical Assistance program, the state government is allowed to put a limit on the number of participants.

  • What happens once my child’s name comes up on the registry?

    You will receive a letter stating that your child can apply for the Autism Waiver Program. An initial determination will be conducted with participants from the Autism Waiver Team through Baltimore County Public Schools to see if your child meets the criteria to receive waiver services.

  • Since this is a Medicaid funded program, does household income affect my child qualifying for the Autism Waiver?

No, financial eligibility is based upon your child’s income and assets only.

  • Can my child apply for the waiver if he already has health insurance?


  • My child is not currently enrolled in a Baltimore County school. Is he still able to apply for the waiver?

    No. An IEP must have been developed for the child through the public school system.

  • Will the waiver be in effect through the summer months?

    Yes, the waiver is a 12-month program.

  • I am interested in the Autism Waiver Program. How do I get information and register for this program?
    Families interested in applying for the Autism Waiver Program should call 1-866-417-3480 to speak with someone regarding program information and registration.