Information for Parents/Guardians

There are a variety of free, low-cost, and moderate cost health plans available to Maryland citizens. Eligibility is determined by Maryland residency and US citizenship or immigration status as well as household income by family size. The age of applicants and pregnancy status are also considered in determining eligibility.

The Maryland Children’s Health Program (MCHP), Medical Assistance for Families (MAF), and Medicaid are government-sponsored health insurance programs available only to children, families with children, and adults living in Maryland who are United States citizens, United States permanent residents (i.e., children with green cards or adults who have held green cards for 5 or more years), children with employment authorization cards (work permits), refugees, and children with pending asylum applications. Maryland Health Connection Qualified Health Plans (QHP) are subsidized health insurance plans created by the Affordable Care Act (i.e., Obamacare) that are available to Maryland residents who are legally present in the United States (e.g., United States citizens, adults with green cards less than 5 years; adults with Employment Authorization Cards, etc.).*

To qualify financially for any of the above programs, total gross household income— pre-tax income— must be at or below financial eligibility guidelines based on income by family size.  The income requirements are calculated as a percentage of the current Federal Poverty Level by household size. The income requirements vary by the age, family size, and pregnancy status of applicants.

Help Applying for Medical Benefit Programs

Families with children enrolled in Baltimore County Public Schools may contact the Outreach Worker for Medical Assistance at 443-809-4130 for help applying to any of the above programs and troubleshooting problematic applications.

* Alternative resources may be available for immigrant families who do not qualify for the programs described above. Please contact the Outreach Worker for Medical Assistance in the BCPS Office of Third Party Billing at 443-809-4130 for assistance.