Extended Year Employment (EYE)

Extended Year Employment (EYE) are additional days of employment approved for teachers that typically occur before or after the regular school year.  EYE must be utilized outside the normal duty day and should not include the given responsibilities of teachers.  The use of EYE allocations for some administrative tasks my be necessary but the primary focus should be on activities directly related to instruction and student support.  Per Payroll, EYE (except for Bridge days) may be used EYE days from June 24, 2021 through August 20, 2021.

School-based EYE is communicated in writing from the principal to the 10-month teacher.  Non-school based EYE is communicated in writing from the department managers to the teacher.  Employees will be paid only for the EYE days worked, up to the maximum number assigned days and must be consistent with the Master Agreement. 

Please refer to your area Payroll Representative with any questions or concerns.  

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