Formal Bids

  •Purchases of $50,000 or More

The threshold for requiring bids is $50,000 or more – single item or system-wide annual needs. All purchases that meet or exceed $50,000 (not available under existing BCPS, county, or state contracts) are formally bid. The Office of Purchasing issues bids for all goods or services in accordance with Maryland law. Curriculum and Instructional Textbooks and Media Items are chosen through an evaluation process administered by the Department of Curriculum & Instruction through the Office of Purchasing in accordance with Board Policy and Superintendents Rule 6163.2.
◦The Office of Purchasing may apply the following guidelines to a single purchase, a group/bulk purchase, or an annual order regardless of source of funds (i.e., BCPS operating budget, school activities’ funds, state or local grant, and Capital projects). Existing BCPS contracts for goods and services.
Invitations to Bid are listed a minimum of (2) weeks prior to bid due date.
◦Bids are opened in a public session at a published date and time. Vendors and interested parties are invited to attend.
◦Recommendations for award of contract are presented to the Board of Education of Baltimore County at regularly scheduled meetings. Current Scheduled Meetings.