Staff Directory

Division of Business Services 

Dr. Brian Scriven, Chief Administrative and Operations Officer, 443-809-4310
Pierre I. Francois, CAP, Executive Administrative Assistant, 443-809-4310

Department of Administrative Services

Barbara Burnopp, Senior Executive Director, 443-809-7842
Leah Metzger, Director, Business Management Information Systems, 443-809-3731
Ashley Myers-Pitts, Administrative Assistant, 443-809-7842

Department of Business Services Operations

Charles Patillo, Executive Director, 443-809-4028
Dr. Jess Grim, Director, Transportation, 443-809-4321
Jaime Hetzler, Director, Food Services, 443-809-7855
Ashley Myers-Pitts, Administrative Assistant, 443-809-7842

Department of Facilities Management and Strategic Planning

Pete Dixit, Executive Director, 443-809-6435
Chris Roberts, Director, Facilities Support Services, 443-809-6343
Elizabeth Becker, Director, Facilities Operations, 443-809-6300
Merril Plait, Director, Facilities Construction & Improvement, 443-809-9093
Paul Taylor, Director, Strategic Planning, 443-809-0383
Robert Schwartz, Manager, Facilities Solutions, 443-809-9097
Deb Soper, Administrative Assistant, 443-809-9010

Department of Fiscal Services 

George Sarris, Executive Director, 443-809-4197
Whit Tantleff, Director, Budget and Reporting, 443-809-7839
Patrick Fannon, Controller, 443-809-6198
Robin Carpenter, Manager, Payroll,443-809-9431
Melanie Webster, Manager, Purchasing, 443-809-7817
Susan Slade, Administrative Assistant, 443-809-3584

Department of Information Technology 

James Corns, Executive Director, 443-809-7837
Jeanne Imbriale, Director, Enterprise Applications, 443-809-5973
Gregory Vukov, Director, Network Support Services, 443-809-9888
Jodi Obenstine, Director, Technology Support Services, 443-809-9682
Karen Horlacher, CAP, Administrative Assistant, 443-809-9174